ASP or Active Server Pages play an imperative role in the make-up and execution of websites. It was initially invented to allow for dynamic based websites to be built. Made for programmers, it allowed them to build dynamic websites,  web applications and web services. For purposes of web development, most WordPress generated sites rely on the language of PHP. Primarily speaking, PHP offers more flexibility and allows for greater control when developing websites. ASP on the other hand, possesses sometimes difficult structural requirements that make it less flexible, having an influence on overall web development. Both connect to databases/SQL enabling developers to create complex websites. C# is language created for .NET – ASP is an extension of .NET that assists in writing web-based applications and domains.

Many web designers still opt for ASP to develop websites, however website builders like WordPress, which accounts for 25% of pages currently online, use PHP as their primary source of programming and scripting language.