Can You Create A Website From Scratch With No Training?

The internet is a great place for many reasons. You can learn information on almost any topic. You can browse literally anything. Learn new languages, skills. Pick up hobbies. Connect with almost all of the 7 billion people walking this earth. It’s a great place to pick up skills. So then, given the wealth that the internet offers, is it possible to create and design your own website?


It most certainly is.


The internet is home to many different options for creating a website. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hairdresser, own a restaurant or run a childcare clinic, domains like wordpress, wix and weebly provide a DIY web design services on the cheap. They allow you to craft your own site, with your creative fingers controlling what content you would like and where. They offer advice and tips as well to help guide along your creative journey. All the information to make and design your own website is at your the tip of your creative fingers to help execute your vision.


Depending on what it is you want to do, Wix, WordPress and Weebly cater to all the ambitions of rooke web designers. It’s important to know some differences about each service. Some can be better suited to other, taking into consideration the needs and wants of your website. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.


WordPress is the most popular web creation and design service. It’s incredibly popular for bloggers and sites that rely on blogs as a method of business communication or marketing. The major benefit wordpress affords is that it has a hugely popular support community. This means you can always engage with professionals to help, however there would be a cost to doing such.

Wordpress Logo

The major disadvantage is that it can be difficult to use and can take a lot longer. Partly the reason it has a huge follower base is to do with the large number of expert and accredited web designers use wordpress to develop websites. Contrarily, wordpress means you can execute a lot more complex functions than other web development tools. When compared to Weebly, WordPress can be overwhelming to use to make a website without training.



Weebly on the other hand possesses great advantages for people creating websites without formal or informal training. If you want to build a website easily and quickly, and don’t have time to master wordpress, Weebly is the way to go. Weebly is also great if both your monetary and time budget is little. WordPress specialists, who you will most likely need to call on to help build your site, can be expensive. The very fact Weebly is both easy to use and navigate, makes it a great service for first timers and rookie web designers.


The negative components of Weebly is that while it’s quick and easy, your overall website is only capable of so much. Weebly can lack in implementing complex functions that wordpress can. The blog component is not overly advanced in a basic package. This means if your comments form gets hit with spam, it’s hard to change and would require some coding, a skill generally out of the hands of most first time web designers. While Weebly is both versatile and flexibile, it pose its challeneges.      


Wix is easy to use. That is the major advantage when compared to its competitors. They offer professional and sleek layouts as well, to give your site an aesthetically stimulating and professional feel. One of the major issues with website builders is that they can pose challenges in navigating through the services they offer. Wix possesses a simpler and very user friendly interface. They provide what is called a drag and drop interface which makes creating your website a breeze for people who have little to no design experience. For web design purposes, this means you can literally pick up and move design features to setup your page. One of the major advantages Wix offers, is that if you ever become stuck at a certain point, there a helpful buttons to guide you through anything you might not understand. Better yet they also have an online chat support to respond to any troubleshooting queries you may have. This limits the chance of delays and means you can concentrate more on the creation and design of your website.


There was major controversy surrounding the service when it was rumored Google wouldn’t index pages created using Wix. After months of speculation, it turned out to be untrue. Once you choose a template layout using Wix, unlike Weebly, you can’t change it. To do so would mean you would have to recreate your whole website from the beginning. With Weebly you can jump between layout templates as you go. How your website looks from its inception may change dramatically as you learn more about what you can do and implement. Wix doesn’t afford the flexibility that Weebly and WordPress afford. It’s more suited for the rookie web designer who needs a site for presence and informative purposes, not one of elaborate interactivity and engagement.


These are three of the major web design builders available. There are more, however these three are renowned for a reason. They have help build millions of websites live on the web. New to the game, it’s best to go with an easier process. However that can fully depend on what it is you want to do with your online domain. Hiring a web designer as opposed to doing it yourself does cost money, but more often than not it’s a secure way to generate a website of good quality. 


In short, training or no training, the internet affords plenty of options to get cracking and build a website. You can make domains of great depth and functionality, or opt for something less so that looks great and aesthetically appealing. Training is all online these days. Even if your skills are novice level, it doesn’t matter. Whether you just want to build on Wix or Weebly, the internet allows you to gauge forms of support and education to even make you a WordPress pro. The web is a blank canvas that is waiting for the next person to paint their domain.