Stop Bad Web Design

Every business or organisation needs a website. In the contemporary, internet based, digital world we live, it’s vital. Yet, knowing what you need and subsequently who to trust to help get you that website you need, is a different challenge altogether. There are so many web design companies, whether it’s web design Brisbane, or web design in the Philippines, it can sometimes be a gamble to get the domain you’re after. There are too many stories of businesses and startups, even charities, not getting what they paid for, being ripped off by dodgy designers and web developers. To avoid becoming another character in the story of dodgy web designers, below are a few telling red flags to look out for when looking to pay someone money to build your website.


#1 Outsourcing Overseas

The internet affords global connectivity. Which is great for so many reasons. It can bring the world together, help communicate messages and is exceptionally great for conducting business on an international scale. This also means you can hire people in other countries, where the exchange rate is considerably lower, to build a website. Many countries like India and the Philippines have companies  that offer cheaper rates for the same products people can access in their own country. A lot of the time, outsourcing overseas, to someone you have never met or don’t have personal rapport with, can lead to a waste of money. Companies that offer domains for cheap overseas, will offer the world, and more often than not, deliver next to nothing or very average work. There is no restitution from these companies either. If it’s overseas, or seems dodgy, it most likely is. Opt for someone local, who you can meet instead. That way there is a more personal relationship and accountability.


#2 No Portfolio – No Go

If a company approaches you to build a website, or you approach them through an advertisement, and they have no available portfolio to show their work, run. If a company can’t showcase their previous work, this is a bad sign. Either there work is very poor and/or they have very little to none. Why would you trust someone with your money, if they can’t provide you with examples of the service they allegedly offer? Common sense hopefully will prevail. Always ask to see a web designer’s previous work to gauge a better understanding of what they’re capable of and if it reflects the kind of work you would like to see in your ideal domain or website. No matter on price, always go with a web designer who can prove what they’re capable of in their previous work.


#3 The Web Designer Has a Poor Website

If the web design company you consult with has a poor website of their own, this is a bad and telling sign of their business and capabilities. The proof is in the pudding. IF their site loads slowly, is hard to navigate and crashes, these are all sure signs of a poorly developed and designed website and it would be in your best interest to take your business elsewhere. Whilst designers may say they spend more time on their clients websites and that they don’t have time for their own: bullocks. It’s like a builder have a terribly designed and unsafe display home. This is a serious red flag and should immediately deter you from conducting business.


These a few red flags to look out for when getting a website developed. Unfortunately, more often than not, people get ripped off by dodgy practices. Best to follow your instincts and try to form a relationship with your web designer built on trust, accountability and competency. All business is a risk – the most appropriate prevention of such is to minimise it. It’s also important to be wary of of websites designers may have constructed that are missing integral components. Every domain has key features for it to operate at a quality level. Unsure? Check out the secret ingredients your website could be missing.