Programming is really becoming a huge topic that people are focusing on. Programming itself has so many different variations, and there is so much that can be done with it. Almost everything you use in every day life has some sort of programming behind it, the future is definitely leaning towards a more program heavy environment. This means that it is very important to learn these languages and keep up to date. It’s not important to understand every language but it is definitely useful to have a basic understanding of a few different languages. At the end of the day a lot of programming languages have similar ideas across them it is only the syntax that changes. Even if you don’t work in the IT industry it still may be useful to pick up a programming language. Think of it like an actual language, having the ability to understand another language has so many applications in the real world.

If you do work in the IT industry you would be seriously surprised at how much time you can save on tasks that use to be monotonous. Any tasks that require repetition can often be automated in some shape or form. Take Python as a basic language, the real world application it has will blow your mind. Say for example you needed to create a bunch of directories for work and have a huge folder system. You can create this automatically so you don’t have to do repetitive tasks such as creating new folders or moving folders.