Social Media

Social media is here, there and everywhere and is pretty much affecting everything and redefining the way in which advertising is executed, to how companies now conduct business. It’s also affecting the relevance of websites and web design. There is no denying that the worldwide web has been significantly influenced by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media outlets. The challenge is now for Businesses to come up with a social media strategy to stay engaged and relevant. In particular, one region of which most people, albeit naively ignore is how social media is affecting web design.

Everyone is on social media, including businesses and organisations too. There’s arguably no better way to stay engaged with consumers and maintain outreach to the millions upon millions of people browsing social media. That is why it is no surprise that almost every business website today has links to its social media outlets pasted on somewhere on their domain. A simple click, and a user is off and away onto the social media page of that particular company or organisation. Having these social icons on your web page is becoming increasingly important for contemporary websites and design.

For your business to take advantage of the powerful resource of social media, it is imperative these links are working. If not, the results can be devastating for the perception of your business. Academics upon academics will attest to the importance of staying up to date on social media. Example: If you know someone on Facebook who posts something, or engages often, then all of a sudden they stop, there will be a shift in your perception of them – they will become irrelevant in that forum. Their relevancy to you is determined by the frequency in which you experienced them engage on Facebook – if they were to stop, they would become irrelevant.

The same sentiment can be applied to businesses. If a business failed to incorporate a working and up to date social link on their page, then users would feel little engagement and view them with a stigma of irrelevancy. Businesses have to stay front and center online. Constantly engaging, and utilizing social media in web design, is a great way to generate trust and market your business. The online arena for marketing is different, and the rules are constantly changing. For web design purposes, you can’t just rely on a great page to do the selling, it has play nice with one of the other major roles the internet encompasses – social media.

To stay relevant, web design has to incorporate the powerful and heavily influential concept of social media. Avoiding this is costly and a sure path down the road to online irrelevancy. Web design beckons, choose wisely – Social Media can be a game changer and one of the things to change the traffic scale of your website – Check out Make Your Website Pop the Right Way.