SQL is used to communicate to databases. For purposes of web development, SQL is used to communicate with databases to retrieve relevant information. In its fundamental essence, SQL is designed to retrieve specific data from a database, to perform a function. Some common database systems that use SQL are: Microsoft SQL server, Access, Ingres and Oracle. Most database systems have their own language, however a lot of them use SQL.

For purposes of website design, SQL allows contact to the relevant information so pages can function and operate. Having an understanding of the basics of SQL is useful and effective to developing websites.

In web development applications like WordPress, which has roughly 25% coverage of the websites online today, SQL, and and understanding of, is required. Given it’s the most used web design application, applying SQL and having an advanced understanding will allow for greater Web Development and website execution.

When exchanging data between servers in the same system SQL is ideal, when you need to exchange data between different systems XML is the best way. Also worth checking is the importance of ASP and its relevance to web development.