The importance of Updating your website

The design and layout of every website is important. To avoid a high bounce rate and decreased visibility in Google search rankings, it is vital domains have a good load speed, an easy to navigate interface and quality content. Web design is always on the hunt for ways to improve usability and user experience. It’s about helping make it easier for people to use and navigate domains, so that websites can stand out and see increased traffic for the intended audience. However, if the usability is high, is it important to update the look and design of a website?


In short, yes. Why? The internet and its websites are constantly changing. Design and style directly corresponds with this change. In fact, sometimes it is the core reason for change. New designs and layouts are implemented for a reason. To make domains easier to use, placing user experience at the forefront.


Updating your site is important because of what the update represents. For example, designs aren’t always applied for aesthetic reasons. Many of the time they’re a result of improvements in usability and functionality. Web designers are always developing methods which improve these two factors.


If you care about your website being ranked in Google, then yes, you should be updating your site’s layout and look when you can. Google’s algorithm identifies bounce rate. If a certain layout structure is trending, and many websites are adapting to a certain style or layout change, a large portion of users will be used to a certain style of interface. If your website differs or is not up to date, there is every chance it will deter users visiting your page, driving traffic elsewhere.


Web design has a considerable influence in the rankings of a domain in Google. This means that updating the look and layout of a site, it to correspond with an improvement in overall functionality, which as mentioned is something Google values highly, both in general and in their algorithm. Sites pre 2012 design are now foreign in terms of relatability to most web users. Skeptical about this and want confirmation? Check what Moz has to say on the topic. Adapting to change is the key to ensure your domain still holds relevance either among Google or web users.


Web design is like any industry or field. It’s important to stay up to date with any changes as they inspired by improvements to usability and functionality. Updating your site is important as so much of web design is based around the user and their experience. Ignores this at your own peril. Skeptical? Read Have You Made These Common Web Design Mistakes to understand more.