The components of web design

Creating a brand new website from scratch is a big job, and like any other big job during the process things can be forgotten and left by the wayside. Even seemingly obvious things can be accidentally left out when there are so many others to think about all at once. If you’re struggling to understand why your website isn’t performing quite like you expected it to, take a read of this list and see whether there might be a couple of key elements which you’ve left out of your own web design. Every one of these has the potential to have a negative effect on rankings, conversions, bounce rate and much, much more.


Mobile Optimisation

So you’ve built your website and the thing looks amazing. On a nice, HD monitor colours are vibrant, your content pops, your navigation is perfect and the site itself is lightning fast. Everything looks perfect, and yet your site is struggling to attract the sort of traffic and conversions that your competitors are. If your focus has been on desktop performance, then there’s every chance your substandard numbers are thanks to poor mobile optimisation.

While it’s great that your site looks awesome on a traditional computer, did you know that mobile internet traffic overtook desktop traffic back in 2014? That means that if your site is one of the few in this day and age which doesn’t work properly on smaller screens, then you’re potentially missing out on more than half of your customer base. Sounds incredible, we know, but it’s true. Mobile optimisation has never been as important as it is today, and in the future it’s only going to become more so.


Contact Information

If your site is selling something or at the very least representing your business, chances are pretty high you’re going to want your customers to be able to get in touch with you. Having clear, eye catching contact information in a prominent position is something sites often neglect, relegating phone numbers and the like to their own separate “contact us” page.

While you’ll definitely want to have a stand alone contact page, it’s a very good idea to include your phone number in the header of all the other pages as well. This will encourage customers to pick the phone straight up without having to search elsewhere for your number.


Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process of making your website attractive to the little robots that Google uses to trawl the web and decide its search rankings. Many websites have been built to be great in every respect, apart from in the ways that matter to these little guys. While there’s no need to go overboard in employing SEO techniques in the construction of your site, it is a good idea to keep them in mind. Things like keyword density, page speeds and user experience go hand in hand with SEO. For all your SEO needs, check out Moz to get a better understanding of the ins and outs of the practice.



Content is king, so don’t forget to make sure that your site has enough of it. Content can contain keywords for SEO, but most importantly it will help your users to get what they came for. Don’t skimp out on the content on your site, and make sure it’s kept regularly updated so that your user base will be aware of any changes as they happen. Outdated content which no longer reflects your brand can be very damaging, so keep it fresh.

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